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Continuing Education Programs 2017

CPE Durban

8 November

Venue: MMI Health
07h00: Refreshments
07h30: A Paradigm shift in the Management of Myelofibrosis
Presenter: Dr Jaimendra Singh
08h45: Wrap up

CPE Cape Town

9 November

Venue: MMI Health, Bellville
08h30: Refreshments
09h00: Current and Future Perspectives in the Management of Acromegaly
Presenter: Dr Zane Stevens
10h00: A Paradigm Shift in the Management of Myelofibrosis
Presenter: Dr Shahroch Nahrwar
11h15: Wrap up

CPE Johannesburg

22 November

Venue: Discovery Health
08h30: Refreshments
09h00: IBD & Extra Articular Manifestations
Presenter: Dr Ismail Moola
10h15: Wrap up

CPE Pretoria

24 November

Venue: Mediscor
08h30: Refreshments
09h00: Asthma: Persistent Issues and New Developments
Presenter: Dr Alia Mahgoub
10h00: Uveitis
Presented by: Dr Jenny Laithwaite
11h15: Wrap up

CPE Cape Town

30 November

Venue: Medscheme
08h30: Refreshments
09h00: Primary Tumour Location in Colorectal Cancer
Presenter: Prof Bernardo Rapoport
10h00: Residual Cardiovascular Risk and the Treatment of Hypertriglyceridemia
Presented by: Prof Blom
11h15: Wrap up