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Continuing Education Programs 2017

CPE Jo’burg

16 August

Venue: Discovery Health
08h30: Refreshments
09h00: The Future of RA in the Era of Biologics
Presenters: Dr Elsa van Duuren
10h00: Diabetic Macular Oedema and Treatment
Presented by: Dr MH Dawood
11h15: Wrap up

CPE Pretoria

18 August

Venue: Mediscor
08h30: Refreshments
09h00: Glaucoma Drainage Devices, New Policies and Procedures – A SAGS Perspective
Presenter: Dr Marissa Willemse
10h00: TBA
Presenter: TBA
11h15: Wrap up

CPE Cape Town

24 August

Venue: Medscheme
08h30: Refreshments
09h00: Antithrombotic Therapy for VTE – Is Rivaroxaban a Cost Effective Option in the SA Private Sector?
Presenter: Prof Praneet Valodia
10h00: The Future of RA in the Era of Biologics
Presented by: Dr Gareth Tarr
11h15: Wrap up